Investment In Canada

We have association with the top developers, real estate agencies and companies to guide you to investments of your choice. If you wish to view the investment sites; or meet with various companies and representatives, we will arrange this for you, send you an invitation letter to assist with obtaining visitors visa to Canada, negotiate prices, set up meeting with the right lawyers and banks.

Check out our business tours designed especially for you to obtain information and knowledge connected with your specific requirements.


We are affiliated members of Canada export. Let us know what you wish to import/export. We will search and introduce you to the best and appropriate company in Canada or internationally and negotiate the price for you.


Our Business Tours to Canada are designed for International Businessmen to view all of the business opportunities available in Canada, and also to learn about immigration opportunites and our education system for your children. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you will visit various investment opportunities of your choice, meet Canada Export Representatives and Canadian Businesses for Import/Export purposes, attend seminars regarding Immigration to Canada and visit some of Canada's top Universities. The informative seminars will introduce you to Government Officials, Bank Representatives, Canadian Real Estate Agents, Trade Commissioners, Top Immigration Lawyers and Counsellors, representatives of Canadian Universities and Colleges and also meet the Canadian people and the very welcoming, friendly and multicultural soicety that makes up Canada. Here you will also have an opportunity to meet with CETI Consultants Counsellors for private consultations on Investments, Education, or on any other services we provide. There will also be sightseeing in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec to see our citites, wild life and Canada's magnificent natural beauty. Consult our Website for itineraries. You will find our specially organized and escorted tours very enjoyable, beneficial, and potentially lucrative. Join us and meet us on this unforgettable experience. See our beautiful country and cities.


Our Current Real Estate Project

38 Acres Britannia Beach ocean view for sale in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

An absolutly amazing and perfect place to invest being successful to recognaize this and to take advantage on it. Location couldn't be better, between the urban centre of Vancouver, BC and ski resort of Whistler, BC Canada.

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