Canada enjoys an international reputation for innovative teaching and achievement of internationally recognized qualifications, and offers international students, outstanding opportunities to further their education, and the means to achieving their goals.

Whether you just want to learn English or study further to Undergraduate and Graduate levels, you will
be taught by renowned and recognized educators and researchers. You will be surrounded by
talented and diverse students who share your passion for learning and a desire to make a difference.
You will find a friendly, welcoming and supportive international community in your Learning
Institute of choice, and in the City you choose to live.

CETI's International Education Department acts as a reputable and highly-regarded representative for Canada's top Universities, Public and Private Colleges, and Schools, as well as in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico's premier University, UNAM.

For each application, we first assess a student's eligibility to apply for education in Canada, and depending
on each student's education and transcripts, and the course of study they wish to pursue, we will select
 a suitable college or university to submit a formal application. Thereafter we help them
through the process of Canadian study visa applications.

For students requesting English courses, we place them in public or private schools as well as public universities,
depending on the student's choice and whether they wish to continue to undergraduate programs.

We also offer student exchange programs and Spanish immersion courses at Unam in Taxco, Mexico.

OUR Services, available as follow:.
  • -Free initial consultation

-Professional Education counselors to give free advise on your studies & guide you to your best options

  • -University Exchange Programs
  • -Language Courses
  • -Private special weekend classes to qualify your IELTS/TOFEL level to university/college requirements
  • -Spanish Immersion in Mexico (UNAM)
  • -Help with your resume & letter of intent
  • -Internships, Practicum, Co-ops & employment opportunities
  • -Organized campus tours to various Canadian Universities
  • -Local & Overseas student sightseeing, adventure, Education Event tours
  • -Home stays, Accommodations, Air Port Pick-up, Campus residents & All student services
  • -Special Meals requirement
  • Please fill out the application forms and fax or email them to us. Our service representatives will evaluate and contact you with further instructions as to the documents, transcripts, resumes, letter of intent and etc., we require to process.